SNOM 300

صفحه نمایش : 

تعداد داخلی SIP : چهار خط نمایش 

کلید قابل برنامه ریزی : 6 کلید 

قابلیت کلیدهای programable : شماره گیری سریع/blf

کلیدهای میانبر : ترانسفر/تکرار

تعداد کلید نرم افزاری : بی صدا وتنظیم صدا 

تعداد کلید جهت نما : 4 کلد 

پشتیبانی از Poe  : دارد

پورت شبکه 10/100 : دو پورت 

پورت شبکه 10/100/100 :  ندارد 

کیفیت صدا : اج دی 

پورت هدست : دارد 

اسپیکر : دارد 

پشتیبانی از vpn :


اطلاعات سایت snomدر مورد این گوشی


Features & Specification



Two-line monochrome backlit display (2x16 characters)
27 keys, 7 LEDs
6 programmable function keys
2 10/100 Ethernet ports
4 SIP identities (accounts)
RJ 4P4C Headset connection
Security: SIPS/SRTP, TLS
Codecs: G.711, G.729A, G.723.1, G.722, G.726, GSM 6.10 (Full rate)
very low energy consumption





For effective everyday work, the snom 300 provides all relevant office functions such as choice of trunk line, status display, group lines, the engaged option or picking up calls. VPN and a server-independent CTI (link to Flexor Eumel) are now also no problem for the snom 300.

The snom 300 is a two-line VoIP Phone with an LCD display that enables the display of call information. The menu-driven user interface on the snom 300 makes it very easy to manage numerous features. The user is guided intuitively through the phone menu via the navigation key. Additionally, more complex phone applications, call details, and configuration variations are accessible via the browser of the connected PC.

The snom 300 has six free function keys. The advantage for the user: He or she can freely decide what functions like hold, call transfer, call forward, or access mailbox to map onto these keys. For other available functions please see the data sheet.

snom VoIP phones support all of the common compression codecs such as G.729a and G.723.1, it is compatible with numerous components of other manufacturers and can be used in low-bandwidth environments. An integrated 2 Ethernet port switch enables connection to the network over an RJ-45 interface simultaneously with the PC connection!

snom also offers a UC edition snom 300 that is qualified for Microsoft Lync. When registering a snom 300 UC Edition you will create an easy mass configuration and customization of the snom VoIP Phones. These snom UC Edition phones allow the Microsoft Lync user to now fulfill any business needs with a VoIP Phone.





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